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Dermal Filler Treatments 

Face and lip fillers (dermal fillers) are substances injected into your face. They fill lines and wrinkles and add volume to areas such as your lips or cheeks. Fillers are not permanent. How long they last depends on things like the type of filler and where it's injected. They usually last between 6 and 18 months. Most dermal fillers used in the UK contain a natural substance called hyaluronic acid. If you have fillers, the rest of your face will continue to age as normal. 

Downtime: Minimal, some bruising and swelling can occur dependant on procedure.

Procedure time: Average 30 mins to an Hour.

Two Week Review required. 

Beautiful Girl with Freckles

Nasolabial and Marionette Line (lines around the mouth)

The nasolabial fold is the deep crease running from either side of the nose down towards the corners of the mouth. This crease becomes more noticeable as part of the natural ageing process. Fat is lost from the cheeks, reducing skin volume and making this fold appear deeper. Repeated smiling or having a “big smile” may result in permanent, deep creases in this area.

Deep nasolabial folds can be corrected through injections of dermal filler into the surrounding area, restoring the lost volume and softening the appearance of these creases. The goal of nasolabial fold injections is to even out the skin volume, leaving you with a smoother, refreshed-looking appearance.

Marionette lines (corner of the mouth) are long vertical wrinkles that traverse from the corners of the lips to the chin. The name is derived from Marionette puppets that have faces with long vertical creases. These creases could give a grim or sad look to the face. These lines occur with age, smoking and genetics and can progress to form jowls later on.

It is possible to lift these corners with dermal filler by adding volume and anchoring the corners higher up


From: £150

Lip Fillers create fuller and plumper lips. The lip filler injections create fuller lips by augmenting the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in our body. Hyaluronic acid is now used far more often than collagen which was the older style of lip filler.

Lip filler injections are used for both lip augmentation to give lips a fuller appearance and lip enhancement to enhance the shape and definition of the lips

The cost of lip fillers will vary depending on the exact procedure and treatment used. In many cases simply lip plumping is required but if lip reshaping or augmentation is required then this will increase the number and complexity of injections. The more injections and the more complex treatment you have, the higher the cost will be. 

Price £150


Jaw and Chin Shaping



  • Give a more defined, stronger jaw for both males and females

  • Lift a sagging lower face and undefined jawline

  • Treat a ‘weak’ retracted chin to give a more balanced and attractive profile

  • Improve the overall proportion of your face to enhance the beauty and definition of your lower face.

Our popular chin fillers treatment is suitable for anyone who has a ‘weak’ short, retracted chin. Female patients benefit from an enhanced chin to create a more feminine look and create that beautiful heart-shaped face. Men can benefit from chin filler to give the appearance of a stronger chin. Both genders can have chin fillers to reduce the appearance of a chin dimple.

Jawline filler is suitable for anyone who wants to improve the definition of their jaw, either because a defined jaw is not something they naturally have or because the jaw has become poorly defined due to age or weight gain. For both males and females, a sharply defined jaw is a desirable trait thought to improve a person’s overall attractiveness, it can also help to balance other facial features such as a nose or forehead.

From: £150

Neck and Chin
Natural Eyebrow

Tear Trough Eye Treatment (Under eye treatment)

The tear trough is the area between your cheek and lower eyelid. As we age, we lose volume in this area, causing under-eye dark circles, hollows and eye bags to appear. An effective tear trough treatment is to inject filler into this area – restoring the lost volume and reducing the appearance of dark circles and hollows.

  • Painless – topical anaesthetic is applied

  • Long-lasting results – 6 – 18 months

  • Quick – typically takes 15 minutes with little downtime

Tired of looking like you’re tired? Do people ask you if you if had a long night when you slept your daily recommended hours? Are you a victim of raccoon eyes? Well luckily, there is a non invasive treatment available now that addresses the eye circles and the delicate tissue in this area. For a long-lasting, natural treatment for the eye circles, Teosyal Redensity has been created as a three-inone sophisticated combination.

Price: £220 based on 1ml treatment.

Non surgical Rhinoplasty


The non-surgical nose job consists of fillers being injected into specific nose areas to achieve the desired look. Non-surgical rhinoplasty is perfect for those who want to temporarily address issues like a small bump, a drooping nasal tip, and asymmetry.

What is non surgical rhinoplasty and why should you get it done? Nose fillers are an excellent, affordable option for people who want to change the shape of their nose and have a nose job without surgery.

Liquid rhinoplasty can help to improve the aesthetics of the nose. Filler is strategically injected into areas on the nose, depending on the desired end goal. Filler can be added to the bridge of the nose to offer a smoother and straighter nose or filler can be injected surrounding the tip to lift and elevate the nose offering a smaller appearance. The filler is carefully massaged to give a natural finish and look and reduce the uneven build-up of filler.

  • Results last 9 months to 1.5 years

  • 15min procedure time

  • Immediate results shown

    Price: £220

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